Drug Crimes: Trafficking In Drugs

A conviction on trafficking in drugs can have long-lasting and severe consequences.  If you live in Medina County and have been charged with drug trafficking, it is always advisable and in your best interest to obtain legal advice as soon as possible.


According to the Ohio Rev. Code §2925.03, drug trafficking is defined as follows:

(A)   No person shall knowingly do any of the following:

(1)  Sell or offer to sell a controlled substance or a controlled substance analog;

(2)  Prepare for shipment, ship, transport, deliver, prepare for distribution, or distribute a controlled substance or a controlled substance analog…”


The penalties that can be presumed to be imposed by the Court include, but are not limited to:

Section (C)(1)(a) – “…aggravated trafficking in drugs is a felony of the fourth degree.”

Section (C)(1)(b) – “… if the offense was committed in the vicinity of a school or in the vicinity of a juvenile, aggravated trafficking in drugs is a felony of the third degree…”

Section (C)(1)(c) – relates to the amount of the drug for which the charge was imposed, whether the offense occurred in the vicinity of a school or juvenile, and states that under specifically denoted circumstances, the charge could be a felony of the first to fifth degree, each of which allow the presumption of a prison sentence to be imposed based on the degree of felony.

Ohio Rev. Code §2925.03

A conviction can lead to prison time of a few months (for the least serious cases) up to 10 years or more. Additionally, fines can be imposed that range from $2,500 to $20,000.

Medina County residents who are convicted of these charges may also face a mandatory driver’s license suspension, and possibly the suspension or complete loss of a professional license, which, together or alone, can seriously affect an ability to earn a living.

Also, Medina County residents who are facing these charges should know that drug trafficking can be (and often is) charged as a federal offense, as well as an Ohio offense, meaning one so charged can face both federal and state charges on such an offense.

Anyone facing these types of charges must understand that the legal issues surrounding the charges can be complex.  A defense attorney is your best defense in court in these types of cases.  He or she will have had daily experience in defending this type of case and has the legal background necessary to represent clients through the myriad of legal issues involved.  It is in the defendant’s best interest to consult with an experienced attorney in these matters.  The Law Office of Parker & Erb, LLC will work diligently to provide an aggressive defense both in and out of Court on your behalf.


Disclaimer: This information is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this page should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. Please consult an attorney for specific case information.